SPF Charter

Our Mission

The following requirements are mandatory for all members accepted into the Street Preachers Fellowship:

1.  Each person desiring to join the Street Preachers' Fellowship must first submit an application for Membership to the Assistant Director for Membership. 

2.  Each applicant must be a born again child of God, having repented of his sins and ungodliness, and turned to God that is in Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour. 

3.  Each member must be a member in good standing of a non-charaismatic New Testament church that would adhere to the written Doctrinal Principles governing the Street Preachers Fellowship. 

4.  Each member must voluntarily abide by the Fellowship's Street Minister's Creed in his daily life, and his open air ministrations. 

5.  Each member shall actively participate in an open air, street preaching ministry on a monthly basis, and seek to support his State Chapter in its quarterly meetings, and remain abreast of all training & legal information published by the Fellowship. 

6.  Each member shall willfully and actively seek to incorporate the Biblical and legal disciplines taught by the SPF into his particular open air ministrations. 

7.  Each member shall endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace throughout the Street Preacher's Fellowship and all of its meetings and open air events. 

Our Membership

Street   Preachers   Fellowship

Street Preachers Fellowship

Our Mission is to provide an International Ministerial Fellowship along with a Biblical and Legal Standards Institute for Open Air Evangelists throughout the world, that both provides Biblical and Spiritual fellowship, but also provides free Legal Representation and professional training to its members on both the Biblical and Legal requirements to effectively carry on open air preaching as a "workman that neededth not to be ashamed" (2 Timothy 2:15), nor limited or shut up in prison  by unlawful authorities bent on silencing the man called of God and men as "The Street Preacher". The SPF mission is to expand the daily manifestation of the Word of God through preaching (Titus 1:3) in the open air public domain, both nationally and Internationally, is paramount in countering this modern day cowardice and trembling ministrations that fills the church pulpits throughout the world, where hired men made ministers, confine the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God behind the walls of buildings made with hands. Our mission is to not only train, inspire and motivate Christian men to a ministration of boldness and power from the Holy Ghost in the fashion of the man Christ Jesus, but to also provide free legal representation by expertly trained Constitutional lawyers specializing in Constitutional law, for when their open air preaching is set upon by corrupt and or unlearned law enforcement personnel and religiously motivated and overbearing magistrates.

The Anabaptists Church Worldwide

"Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?"-Romans 6:3

Anabaptists Church Worldwide

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The Street Preachers' Fellowship is chartered as a Integrated Auxilliary of the Anabaptists Church Worldwide as an International Fellowship of Open Air Evangelists and a Biblical & Legal Standards Institute offering both Biblical and Legal Training as well as free Legal Representation to its members in Federal Courts throughout the United States as well as foreign countries within the United Nations. It was began in 1979 in Pensacola, Florida and officially chartered on January 21, 2003 in York, Pennsylvania under the ACW, and is the largest single most Ministerial Fellowship of Street Preachers in the world. The Street Preacher's Fellowship, through its members is a continual witness throughout the world of the historic Anabaptist character that maintains a continual reproof to the world that their deeds are evil, and that the only hope in this incomprehensible dark hour of the world is Jesus Christ the Light of Life. Under its charter, the SPF exists as both an Open Air Ministerial Fellowship, and a Biblical and Legal Standards Institute that works fervently for the purpose of that maintaining and demonstrating the scriptural mandate to endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and also working fervently to create an "associational standing" before the Federal Courts that provides an all inclusive Federal Protection to each of its members and Statewide Chapters by the SPF's many victories in Federal Litigation.